Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea, resold to Scholastic!

Happy to announce that Scholastic requested a five year paperback license renewal!

This is a great group thatWay Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea sells inexpensive books right into the hands of kids!  Yes!

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3 Responses to Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea, resold to Scholastic!

  1. Brenda Wilkins says:

    CONGRADULATIONS!!!! This is great news. I am very happy for you.


  2. Sheralee says:

    Wow! Jan Peck that’s fantastic! Would you please tell me how you got them to publish your wonderful book in the first place, please? At the SCBWI conference, Scholastic said they were interested in my new one. But never heard since. Would you tell me how to re-submit mine and other tips to get Scholastic to publish it? I, too, like the way they sell inexpensively to school children throughout USA.

    • Jan Peck says:

      I first had Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea published with Simon & Schuster in hardcover 2004.
      It is still sold from them in hardcover.

      Scholastic actually came to S&S asking to reprint it in paperback.
      I talked to a person with Scholastic about reprinting other of my titles but it hasn’t happened.
      So I’d have to say it was a bit of luck that got that one in.

      Sorry I don’t have better news, but keep on writing good stuff and it’ll most likely happen for you.

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