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GIANT PEACH YODEL                                                Retail price of $16.99

PIRATE TREASURE HUNT!                                        Retail price of $16.99

WAY OUT WEST ON MY LITTLE PONY                  Retail price of $16.99

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Other publisher’s phone numbers for ordering.

Sterling Publishing Company: 1-800-367-9692
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers: 1-877-989-0009
Dial Books for Young Readers: 1-800-526-0275
Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul: 1-800-433-2314

Here’s a list of my books and a little about them:

Jan Peck

___Giant Peach Yodel: A great big tale about peach pickin’ fun. Join Tall Papa Tom, Pretty Mama May, Little Buddy Earl, and the rest of the bunch as they head to the Peach Pickin’ Festival. Little Buddy Earl yodels each time they pass a field, but what’s the use of that? His yodel soon comes in handy when he turns a tiny peach into the largest in the land! Complete with a recipe for peach cobbler, this tale about teamwork proves that sometimes the smallest person can be the biggest help. Pelican Publishing Company ISBN-978-1-58980-980-2: Retail price: $16.99.

___ Way Out West on My Little Pony: “This addition to Peck’s collection is a natural for a rowdy prairie-themed story time.” -Sharon M. Lawler, librarian, Universal City, Texas. Children mosey down a Western trail in this adorable rhyming story as Jan Peck introduces a variety of Western critters to her young readers in this fun and lighthearted adventure, racing roadrunners, stinky skunks, and digging armadillos come out to play.  Pelican Publishing Company:ISBN-10: 1589806972: Retail price: $16.99.

___Pirate Treasure Hunt!  In this interactive picture book, Captain Dare invites kids on a treasure hunt they won’t ever forget.  This crew of pirates is searching for treasure more valuable than gold! A fun book to act out with your students and a Captain Librarian, Teacher, or Principal. Lots of laughs and fun. Pelican Publishing Company ISBN: 1-58980-549-6. Retail price: $16.99.

___The Green Mother Goose: Saving the World One Rhyme at a Time (Co-written with David Davis) Mother Goose has gone green and this playful picture book invites kids to join the fun. In these delightful “recycled” rhymes, Old Mother Hubbard shops with cloth grocery bags; Old King Coal is a better old soul, working to keep our skies smoke-free; and Hickety, Pickety is now a cage-free hen! Sterling Publishing Company ISBN 978-1-4027-6525-4. Retail price: $14.95.

___The Giant Carrot: “Best Children’s Book of the Year” for 1998! –Bank Street College! Starred Review in School Library Journal! Named to the 1999-2000 PA Young Readers’ Choice Award Master List. Named to the 1999-2000 Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Award Master List. Named to the 2000-2001 Arkansas Diamond Primary Book Award. Dial Books for Young Readers, Penguin/Putnam ISBN 0803718233.  Retail price: $16.99.

___Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul: 101 stories from various authors, including one from Jan Peck:  #1 on Publisher’s Weekly Children’s Non-fiction Bestseller’s List!  Winner of Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Award “FAVORITE BOOK OF THE YEAR” Please note that “tough issues” are dealt with in this book.  Health Communications: ISBN: 1558746099. Retail price: $14.95.

___Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea: Way down deep in the deep blue sea, there’s a lot to find.  I guarantee!  Come on! Be brave!  Just follow me!  And let’s explore the deep blue sea! For the youngest scientists. Written in rhythm and rhyme. Awesome illustrations!  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, ISBN: 0-689-85110-3. Retail price: $15.95.

___Way Up High in a Tall Green Tree:  PBS Teachers Source Science list and 2005-2006 Golden Spur Award nominee. Explore the rainforest and see some awesome animals. For the youngest scientist. Written in rhythm and rhyme and fun to read. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1416900713.  Retail price: $15.95.

—– Way Far Away on a Wild Safari: Grab your binoculars and follow me. Let’s travel far away on a wild safari. There are lots of fun trails! Many sights to see! As we hike, hike, hike, on this wild safari. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, ISBN: 1416900721. Retail price: $15.95.

___The Green Mother Goose: Saving the World One Rhyme at a Time (Co-written with Jan Peck) Mother Goose has gone green and this playful picture book invites kids to join the fun. In these delightful “recycled” rhymes, Old Mother Hubbard shops with cloth grocery bags; Old King Coal is a better old soul, working to keep our skies smoke-free; and Hickety, Pickety is now a cage-free hen! Sterling Publishing Company ISBN 978-1-4027-6525-4. Retail price: $14.95.

These books are by David Davis, who was my partner in Rhyme who did school visits with me.  He passed away in 2018 but lives on in his wonderful books for children.

___The Twelve Days of Christmas—In Texas That Is: Told with a Texas twang, this tale features a dozen icons of the Lone Star state. Clever rhymes count down the days of Christmas, revealing such surprise gifts as silver spurs, oil wells, and armadillos. Festive illustrations fill the pages of this western romp. Pelican Publishing Company: ISBN: 978-1589809246

___Fandango Stew: Two down on their luck vaqueros teach the ornery town of Skinflint the meaning of kindness and sharing. 2011 from Sterling Publishing. ISBN: 978-1402765278

___A Southern Child’s Garden of Verses: Poems titled “Cowboys Down in Texas,” “Kudzu,” and “Candles in the Sky” evoke the innocence of childhood while recalling the wonderful traits of the region. State by state, award-winning author David Davis introduces young readers to a Louisiana belle, a Georgia peach, and Arkansas peanuts. Herb Leonhard’s lovely illustrations depict the dulcet sights, sounds, and memories of the South. Pelican Publishing Company ISBN-10: 1589807642. Retail price: $16.99.

___The Texas Aesop’s Fables: Stories old and new told with a Texas accent! Old Timers and young’uns alike will enjoy the good-natured humor that is a Davis trademark–plus the wonderful illustrations of Sue Ward.  Pelican Publishing Company 2008 ISBN 978-1-58980-569-9. Retail price: $15.95.

___Texas Mother Goose: Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes with a Texas twist. Pelican Publishing Company, ISBN 158-98036-98. Retail price: $16.95.

___Texas Zeke and the Longhorn: 2006, Cowboy Zeke wants to get home for chili, but first he has to get his ornery steer to go into the corral! Pelican Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1-58980-348-0. Retail price: $15.95.

___Rock N Roll Dogs: September 2006, The rock ‘n’ roll hound dogs down at The Fireplug dance and drink liver shakes right next to the Housebroke Hotel. Pelican Publishing Company, ISBN 158-98034-93. Retail price: $15.95.

___ Jazz Cats: 2003-2004 Golden Spur nominee and Children’s Choice 2002 Top 100 Selection!  Jazz Cats was voted one of the top 100 children’s books by a poll of children nationwide! The Children’s Choice 2002 program is a joint project of The Children’s Book Council and The International Reading Association. Pelican Publishing Company, ISBN: 1565548590. Retail price: $15.95.

____Ten Redneck Babies, A Southern Counting Book:  “A feel-good tale…Loaded with Southern Charm.” a Kirkus Review! Pelican Publishing Company, ISBN: 1-58980-232-2. Retail price: $15.95.

____Nurse’s Night Before Christmas: Saint Emergency Nick brings Christmas cheer stat to the overworked staff at Angel Hope General. Nick has an ambulance load of presents for patients and nurses alike. His eight RN elves even offer to work double shifts! Fun for all ages! Pelican Publishing Company, ISBN 1-58980-152-0. Retail price: $15.95.

____Redneck Night Before Christmas: Santa is a good ole boy heading for the trailer park–with a pickup full of hounds and presents. Enjoy a real redneck Christmas laughfest! Bestseller! Pelican Publishing Company, ISBN 1-56554-293-2. Retail price: $15.95.

____Trucker’s Night Before Christmas: The Midway truck stop will never be the same after this midnight visit by Santa! Yes, Santa is back–and he’s driving a Mack!  Pelican Publishing Company, ISBN 1-56554-656-3. Retail price: $15.95.

____Librarian’s Night Before Christmas: A librarian who is busy shelving books on Christmas Eve is surprised to see Santa flying toward the library in his red bookmobile. Bringing wonderful gifts of new books, carpet, and more, Santa and his elves make the library as good as new. Pelican Publishing Company, ISBN 158-98033-61. Retail price: $15.95.

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