Spectacular Critique Guidelines!

Here are simple guidelines to take your critiques to a higher professional level.

In my 39 years of critiques, I’ve found my critique friends to be the vital link to my success and publication.

Please try to be on time.

Please try to send your manuscripts at least 2 hours before our meeting.

Each person should get their fair critique time, usually about 20 minutes. You can choose to read for 10 minutes and critique for 10 minutes. Or you can have others read your manuscript beforehand and spend 20 minutes in critique.

  1. Before your read, you can say what genre, age group, the market you are writing for, whether you plan to self-publish, traditionally publish, etc.
  2. While being critiqued: You do not say anything. You do not explain your writing beforehand. Your manuscript needs to stand on its own, and you want your readers to give their fresh, unbiased thoughts.
  3. You listen intently and take notes. You want to encourage critiquers to tell you what they honestly think.
  4. The critiquer tells the author all the strengths and things you loved. You give suggestions for changes that will highlight their strengths. Then you end on potential markets and publication thoughts.
  5. After all the critiques are complete, if you have questions, you get a chance to ask them. Not to defend or explain, but to understand and clarify what the critiquers are saying.

With our awesome critique friends, you will rise to your highest and most successful self!

Write onward and upward!