Presentation Contract

Jan Peck/David Davis Authors’ Contract

Please copy this and fill in the blanks, and either e-mail, snail mail:6217 Loydhill Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76135 or fax to 817-237-5317

Jan Peck
6217 Loydhill
Fort Worth, TX 76135
Phone and fax 817-237-5317

David R. Davis
5803 Calloway Drive South
Fort Worth, TX 76114

Contact Person(s):


Name of School or Library:





Zip code_________




Presentation Date (s)


Presentation Time (s)


Presentation Location:(the library is the best, gyms are the most difficult)


Directions to School, etc.:



Presentation Description: Two 4 One! Each program lasts approximately an hour.  We will need time for setting up our equipment before the first program.
Fees: $750/ 1 program___

$1100/ 2 programs___
$1500/ 3 programs___
$1700/ 4 programs___

(All programs must be in one location to receive these rates.  If you are located over 100 miles from us, please have us for at least 3 programs–this makes it worth our traveling time.)
If you are located outside the Fort Worth area, please add expenses (transportation, lodging, meals).

(Please remember, all meals are the contractual responsibility of the hosting organization during the author’s stay – including breakfast, lunch, and dinner if an overnight stay is required.)

Please find us a motel/hotel with two separate rooms.  Or we can stay in people’s homes, if needed.  We do not want anything expensive, just safe and clean. You are welcome to use our AARP status to get reduced rates.  Also, if you use the schools’ tax exempt status–you do not have to pay taxes.
Some people have even been able to get motel room donations for the schools.

As far as food, we can eat lunch in the cafeteria if needed.  We spend $45 (for 3 meals each/6 meals total per day) or LESS, depending on if we get a breakfast at the motel, and if we eat with you for lunch.  We will give you our receipts. We try to keep our costs low.  We do not eat at expensive restaurants.  Also, many restaurants have given the schools complementary meal coupons.

Our gas is always changing, (because of gas prices) but we drive a 4-cylinder Honda Van, and it is not a gas guzzler.

One thing that may be helpful to finance the program is to contact several schools in the city or area. That way you can share the expense of the rooms and travel. It helps us because we can do several schools in the same time frame. We will be glad to work with you to make it happen!

All expenses and fees must be paid upon day of programs.

Sound System: We provide this.

Needed:  Three tables on stage for our costumes and props.

Book Sales: Please check out our information online about how to order books

Parking:  We need to unload lots of equipment.  Where is a good place to park?


Total number of students: ______________________________________

Ages or Grade levels of children: __________________________________

Notes: How did you find out about us? _______________________________________

Anything else we should know?

Please E-mail

David R. Davis at:


Jan Peck at:






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